Couples Counselling

I take a positive view of relationships even though it can be hard to see them as anything other than negative when we experience relationship problems. Whatever your sexual orientation, background, or marital status conflict in our relationships, which arise out of the differences in our individual needs and desires, is inevitable. We all carry our particular thoughts, feelings, beliefs, needs and desires, which are shaped and influenced by the circumstances of our own history and personality, into our relationships with others. Relationship problems can become entrenched amongst couples who are continually struggling to manage conflict and frustration together effectively, and many relationships can be emotionally bewildering. 

In my work with couples I look at reoccurring problems, explore communication styles and emotional and relational organisation. As an experienced couples therapist, I can support you in changing a dynamic or defusing a volatile or difficult situation. Talking openly and honestly about relationship difficulties in a supportive and safe atmosphere that facilitates mutual understanding, opens up the opportunity to alleviate the sense of being stuck in the same patterns of relating, and can affect real change in one’s relationships.

 About the counselling sessions:

Counselling sessions last 50 minutes. The first session is an initial assessment to allow you to discuss and identify the issues you need to address.

If you decide to go forward and commit to couples therapy, a regular time with be arranged together. I also offer double sessions, which last 100 minutes. Double sessions work well for clients who travel or cannot commit to weekly sessions. I do, however, require 48 hours notice of cancellation otherwise you will be charged in full.

Couples therapy can take place in person in central or west London but I work with clients across the UK and internationally via Skype or Zoom.

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