Addiction & Compulsion

I have a wide range of experience, but my speciality is in the continuum of addiction, compulsivity or the various forms of striving, perfection, reward or control that manifest in people’s lives. Clients often struggle with compulsive behaviour and are perplexed by their inability to reduce it or stop. I work directly with individuals who have concerns around their substance or alcohol use, gambling or other compulsive behaviours that control or limit aspects of day to day existence. Addiction and compulsive behaviours routinely conceal a history of unconscious trauma, which in part explains why we carry on repeating behaviours that we know are potentially damaging to us. These behaviours when left unchecked may have negative and destructive outcomes in one’s life. I attempt to clarify issues in a way that is non-judgmental and down to earth remaining empathetic and respectful of each client's condition. I assist clients to understand their childhood trauma and develop a greater understanding of their actions and motivations. This allows clients reconnect with inner resources, to begin to build on their strengths and let go of behaviours that no longer serve them.

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Sex Addiction

At the Hudson Centre in central London I provide a private confidential space to explore problematic sexual behaviours. According to The Society for the Advancement of Sexual Health (SASH) “Sexual Addiction is a persistent and escalating pattern or patterns of sexual behaviour acted out despite increasingly negative consequences to self or others”.

I am a CSAT trained sexual addiction therapist; a rigorous training that provides expertise and tools in tackling addiction. Sexual Addiction is the umbrella term used to describe the different number of compulsive sexual behaviours including but not limited to multiple sexual partners, pornography addiction, paying for sex, voyeurism, as well as online infidelity and cyber sex… read more

I work with individuals and couples; focusing on the sex addict, the partner of the addict and how a couple can reconnect and move forward from the betrayal and pain of addiction. Working through a program of tasks, together we clarify aspects of life that are problematic and confusing and challenge self-defeating behaviours. I am attentive to an individual's personal needs and culturally aware of the different values traditions, languages, lifestyles and expectations of others.

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